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SMUSA Elections


If you've any questions to ask me. Feel free to ask me. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions! :)


im sick and tired. yes i am. 

the week in pros and cons

It is the exam week, and everyone has been in a mad rush for the library, gsr, and for some, home, so that they can keep on mugging and mugging, and mugging till they die.

Two weeks ago, my Comms professor gave a farewell speech to commemorate the end of the module. In his speech, he shared with us what the seniors thought of us. To paraphrase what he said - you freshmen are tarnishing the image of SMU. If the freshmen keep on their chao mugging ways, then that will be the end of SMU. SMU will just be the same as NUS and NTU, no difference. 'Coz when SMU first started, they accepted the "not so good" students, students who weren't able to get into NUS or NTU. However during their time in SMU, they excelled and earned SMU her reputation. They managed to show Singapore that they were different from the mainstream universities and that we were special. But alas, the kiasu-ism of Singaporeans has crept into the culture of SMU freshies. Instead of focusing on the whole, we focus on part. So, what are we going to do about it?

[A typical social studies answer]: I do agree with this to a large extent. But thankfully, I don't fall into that category (well, at least I think so). I'd rather spend my time doing activities like CCAs, and camps, than mugging my way thru' university. At least it gives me a greater scope, and this way, I focus on the whole, and not just on the part.

This whole week, have been rather interesting. I spent the whole of Monday morning, since 12am, preparing for my psyc exam, in between watching my Korean drama show (9 ends 2 outs - 3/5) all the way till about 6am. Then a 2 hours nap, followed by McDonald's breakfast and then back to studyiing before heading to school. After exam, the rest of the day was spent in front of my laptop and television.

Then on Tuesday, I decided (rather reluctantly) to go to school and study - the last place I'd want to be found at is the library, but so happened, I had to go to the library to study. In the evening, I went to celebrate my friend's birthday at Hog's Breath at Chijmes. His birthday is today, but he was going to propose today to his girlfriend. So anyway, after eating my Prime Ribs (medium rare's the best), we were off to Raffles City for dessert. We tried out the new shop, Ochacha, and let me give a rating: 2.5/5. Then we headed to Ben and Jerry's cause Ochacha didn't have any ice cream. We hung around awhile before heading home, and making a racket in the car.

Today was rather quack. I wanted to study before going to Sentosa to help my friend prepare the stuff for his proposal. But in the middle of studying, I realised that I didn't know where my passport was. So I panic and started to search high and low for it (rather exaggerating, but nearly true). My mum said she didn't keep it, and it wasn't with me either, and I didn't want to go thru' the hassle of making a new one, so I started whining (YES, Rachel can whine, and whines really well). But I had to leave halfway in the midst of this major search.

Rachel's lingo, and her interpretation of the proposal:
First stop, head to the florist to get the flowers. Then to Sentosa itself. At sentosa, decorate the car, do up the banner and flowers. Next, wait for them to come. Wait. Wait. Wait. Getting impatient. Wait. Nevermind, i'll go get subway. And *ring ring(, I've proposed already, where are you? WHAT. OK. *Im running and spilling my drink all over* It's over? No lahhhhhhhh, wah lao. RE-PLAY!! OK. So they did it again, and it was real funny. Laughed a whole lot.

Then we went to watch "Songs of the Sea" - the new attraction at Sentosa. We had free tickets, so we couldn't waste it. The plot was BLAH. But the effects were like WOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, NO WAY MAN! (simply means in Rachel's terms, it was awesome) Then we went for the Luge & Chairlift ride at half price (because one of our friend worked there). Up we went on the chairlift, then down we went on the Luge. Really fun. I challenged Ah Lee, and hahahahaha! I emerged victorious! By the time we were done, it was already 9pm. Then we decided to go to The SIngapore Flyer to eat Popeyes. YAY! It was really nice and good food too. What a day, what a week, and it's only Wednesday.

I reached back home, happy with the day, slightly worried about my exam, extremely worried about my passport. If I don't find my passport, I can't sleep. Actions upon reaching home: Goes up to parents' room. Ask: Where's my passport? Please find it. Mum: Check this drawer. I open it and find that it's inside. So my mum bluffed me that she didn't have it. BOOOOO to her. Feel relieved. Now blogging and going to study.

Get what I mean by focus on the whole, not on the part?

my american idol

David Archuleta's gotta be the best teenage singer around. I think the best song that he has sung would be "Heaven" by Bryan Adams, and I think he sings it better. My heart flutters when i hear him sing this song mannnn! haha :)

Well, anyway he's just a mere 17, but has awesome vocals. Everytime i see him perform on stage, *regardless of what Simon Cowell says*, it just makes me smile. yeah, though he's like eons of miles away and he doesn't even know me, i can't help but smile to myself everytime i hear him sing.
They are frickin' funny. You don't need to understand Japanese to find it funny. Just watch and laugh! :)

Crazy fun in the longest time.

It's been a busy week, rushing countless (actually not that countless) projects and I just needed a good break, and some crazy fun.

Well, yesterday was kkb's birthday and so we went to celebrate it for him. We went to Fish and Co. at Changi Airport - and I must say that's still my favourite place to celebrate a friend's birthday. I love the way they sing the birthday song and treat you like VIPs and most of all, I love Fish and Co.'s mints. YES, their spearmints are the best - chewy and refreshing.

I think you can probably tell that we were hell noisy in Fish and Co. We were given our very own private room and we were laughing a whole lot ( I wasn't the loudest, I'm very sure). We paid the bill and left the place just before they closed and started wandering around the airport. And yes, our wandering brought us to the newly built Terminal Three. And the crazy guys started wrestling along the way. Everyone were staring at us, but I was definitely having a good laugh. It was kinda embarassing, but honestly, things that aren't embarassing aren't that funny. What's the funniest thing you've laughed at? Probably something embarassing someone did right? :) Yeah, so the guys were wrestling away, and all the ang mohs were staring our way. But who cares lah! I missed having so much fun in the longest time.

Then after a twist of events, we found ourselves playing catcing at the airport! We were making so much noise running and yelling that the restaurant owners were starting to get pissed. When we saw them approaching, we just quickly ran away and just went hysterical.

On the skytrain back to Terminal Two, my very good but irritating and disgusting friend farted. And his fart always stink up the place and that night was no exception. Everybody went tothe other side of the train. His fart actually smelled like lao sai. It was horrible!! Everybody ran out (really!) of the skytrain as fast as the doors opened. It was hilarious!

Well, you had to be there to really enjoy it.

P.S. i uploaded photos on facebook.
P.P.S. kkb is a nickname. up to your discretion to decide what you want to call it. king kong balls, or king kong breast, or whatever.

let's start afresh.

This slightly explains my inactivity in my livejournal account (if it does at all):

jacq*: yay did you just get a livejournal!
jacq*: hahaha
rachelyang. we gonna thrash australia come saturday: long time ago
rachelyang. we gonna thrash australia come saturday: just that i dont really write anything in it

ok, i'll try to start afresh on writing in livejournal.
this calls for a celebration.
hip hip hurrah!

Journey to the past

I don't know why, but in the past few days, I've just been thinking of the past. Especially of friends I have had in the past. People's faces starts crossing my mind, and I can't seem to forget the times I've spent with these people. Feels extremely emotional.

I think about Frederick, my "son".
I think about Waverly, all the friends I've made there, but don't keep in contact anymore.
I think about my ring of act cute, try to be funny friends from JC.
I think about my sad primary and secondary school life that I didn't do much to hold on to whatever friendships. (Super kisau Rachel no life one, always go home immediately after school, and whatever time she has, spent on chinese shows and sleep, haha!)
I think about the people that once knew Jesus, used to come to church, but no longer are here.

If I could go back time, I'd change one thing: the way I handled friendship.

The Call

audacious kamp

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memory game

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